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Tournament scheduler

This app will help you to organize your Round Robin tournament.

You just have to enter some basic information like the player names, how many courts you are playing on and how many points you are playing from. The app fixes the rest.

All matches are set up for all the rounds necessary for all players to play together with everyone.

What is a Round-Robin tournament?

A round-robin tournament (all-play-all-tournament) is a competition where each competitor meets others, usually in turn. In a double-round robin, all players play together with all other players once, but against all twice (This can not always be true if you are an odd number of participants)

A round-robin is different from an elimination tournament, where participants are eliminated after a certain number of losses.

What's good about a Round Robin tournament compared to a Elimination tournament?

A Round Robin tournament guarantees a certain number of games and luck does not play as big a role as an elimination tournament.