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Pickleball – All you need to know about playing Pickleball & Pickleball Tournaments

Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in Europe and the United States of America. Pickleball has expanded to different parts of the United States, with nearly half of the United States population following the sport. The rapid growth in the popularity and following of Pickleball tournaments, where all-play-all in the round-robin format, shows how good the sport is. Round Robin format is the most preferred mode of playing Pickleball, and the players absolutely love the format as everybody gets a chance to play against everyone else.

Pickleball is a professional sport that is with rackets or paddles and a polymer ball in a badminton court. Two or four players can play the sport, but the standard format involves doubles matches. The size of the court is the same as a badminton court, with a net separating the two sides. The height of a pickleball net is 36 inches. Pickleball is very similar to Tennis but is played on a smaller court with slightly different rules. 

Pickleball had its origins in Badminton and Table Tennis, but now it has evolved into a professional sport with global pickleball tournaments and championships. Pickleball tournaments are generally played with a round robin format. The round-robin format means that each team/player plays against every other team or player. 

Pickleball Equipment or Pickleball Gear – What things do you need to play Pickleball?

The equipment or gear for Pickleball includes a pickleball paddle, a ball, and a net to separate the two sides. In addition to that, you must have some space to play Pickleball. Thus, a pickleball court of the same size as a badminton court is needed.

Standard Size of a Pickleball Court:

Firstly, the standard size for a pickleball court is 20 feet by 44 feet. Interestingly, the dimensions of a pickleball court are exactly the same as a doubles badminton court. There is a service court, a non-volley zone called the kitchen, and a center line that divides the court. The standard courts are used for pickleball tournaments.

Pickleball Paddle:

The standard pickleball paddle has a length limit of 17 inches. Similarly, the total length and width of the paddle must not exceed 24 inches. 

Pickleball Ball - What ball is used for playing Pickleball?

The standard ball used for playing Pickleball is made of polymers with circular evenly-spaced holes on it. The standard weight of the ball is between 22.1 and 26.5 grams. Generally, there are somewhere between 26 to 40 holes on the ball.

If you are playing Pickleball on an outdoor court, you should use a ball with smaller holes to reduce the drag force and effects of wind. Similarly, balls with large-sized holes can be used for indoor courts Pickleball.


The popularity of Pickleball has led to a sharp increase in the number of pickleball competitions and tournaments. Pickleball tournaments have grown a lot in recent years due to an increase in commercial interest, which is a by-product of growing popularity. 

Pickleball tournaments – Major Events in Pickleball:

A number of pickleball tournaments are organized on an annual basis. Currently, there are two major Pickleball governing bodies that organize major pickleball competitions independently. These are:

Association of Pickleball Professionals – APP

Professional Pickleball Association – PPA

Association of Pickleball Professionals – APP Tour:

The Association of Pickleball Professionals (APP) runs its independent pickleball tour. It is sanctioned by USA Pickleball, the official governing body for Pickleball in the United States of America. 

Professional Pickleball Association – PPA Tour:

The Professional Pickleball Association(PPA) runs its independent PPA tour without aligning or associating with the USA Pickleball. The inaugural edition of the PPA tour was held in 2020. In 2021, the contracts were extended for three years. Thus, the arrangements for PPA tours till 2024 have already been made.

Major League Pickleball – MLP:

Major League Pickleball was a huge break in the history and growth of Pickleball in the United States of America. Major League Pickleball was started along the lines of other professional leagues like MLS, MLB, and NFL. The first edition of the Major League Pickleball was held in 2021. 

Big names from the world of American Sports, like Tom Brady, Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Kevin Love, and Draymond Green, have purchased teams in Major League Pickleball.

Round Robin Format in Pickleball

The most preferred format for Pickleball is round robin format because it allows all the players to compete against each other. In a round-robin format, the all-play-all policy is followed. This means that everyone has to play against every other opponent in the competition to decide the ultimate winner. 

The all-play-all format of pickleball tournaments is a unique feature of the sport because it allows all the players to compete against each other. The game is played in a very friendly environment and healthy atmosphere because the courts are very small and encourage mutual coordination. 

Thus, Pickleball is a great sport for physical exercise, and it also promotes social interaction. 

Round Robin Assistant App – One Single Tap to help you play Pickleball:

If you are someone new to Pickleball, the Round Robin Assistant App is a great option for you. It is an all-play-all generator app in which you just need to insert the names of the players, and it will give you all possible combinations of matches. 

Round Robin Assistant ensures that every player plays against every other player.

Moreover, Pickleball is generally played in doubles, so the Round Robin Assistant offers you the option of changing your teammates. The Round Robin Assistant is the most helpful application designed to promote the growth of Pickleball and help the players in the all-play-all format

Thus, you can easily organize a pickleball tournament of your own by installing this app. Just put the names of your fellow players, and the round-robin assistant will assist you in organizing your own backyard pickleball championship.

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