What is a round robin tournament?

Short: An all-play-all tournament

A round-robin singles tournament is a competition where every team meets every other team once.

A round-robin doubles tournament is a competition for a sport where you have two players in every team, like double tennis or padel etc. where every player plays together with every other player once and meets every other player twice!

How many do you have to be to play doubles Round Robin?

To play a Round Robin doubles tournament you must be at least 4 participants. Then you can be as many as you like. However, it is always best to have an evenly divisible number of participants by 4. And then have a matching number of courts available. If you are, for example, 5 players, one player must stand over each round.

For the best structure in the competition, you must therefore be 4 * an even number of courts (or 1).
The app works great for an odd number of participants, eg 5 players, or 9 players on 2 courts or whatever you want, however, it is clearly the best structure (no one needs to stand over and everyone can play with everyone) when running the following variants

  • 4 on 1 court
  • 8 on 2 courts
  • 12 on 3 courts
  • 16 on 4 courts
  • 20 on 5 courts
  • 24 on 6 courts

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